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I find myself highly (and probably disturbingly) fascinated with the latest internet craze, planking. I don’t know why pictures of people laying in various locations amuses me so, but I can’t help myself. (For a more detailed description of planking, read this article http://bourbonmeyer.com/a-perspective-on-planking-the-evolution-of-a-revolution/) I’ve seen a lot of debate on Twitter about planking – it seems people either love it or hate it. If you are among the hate it / don’t get it group, I imagine you also don’t like puppies, sunsets and Seinfeld.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pictures:

@royalt73 at The Clubhouse




UF DE Lynden Trails – the best Planker I’ve seen



















If you like to laugh, read this : http://www.thebullgator.com/2011/06/will-muschamp-and-charlie-weis-discuss.html

After reading @paradigmshift35 latest article http://sports-at-work.com/2011/06/21/how-college-football-affects-rocket-science-%E2%80%93-part-ii/) I decided that I could definitely do a better job than that no-talent hack. So here goes nothing. I attended the University of Florida from 1987 – 1993 (yes, 6 years – let’s say that I’m a doctor). I would be “old school” by most standards, pre-internet and cell phone. I thought I’d share some of my highs and lows while at UF for the youngsters. I’m going by memory alone so time, events and facts may not be correct.

Back in the early 1980s, UF was becoming a very talented team, but much like OSU and USC today, we got stalled by NCAA infractions. “Give ‘em Hell” Charley Pell was a great recruiter, but didn’t much care for rules. My freshman year was also Emmitt Smith’s freshman year. Our football strategy the next 3 years – Emmitt right, Emmitt left, Emmitt middle, punt. It’s hard for current Gators to understand, but we were very average back then. Of course, that would all change when SOS took over. True story – Emmitt actually attended a party we had in 1988 at La Mancha Apartments and I offered him a beer bong of Natty Light. He politely declined, but I saw the look in his eyes. Side note – fans were able to leave the stadium during half time back then to replenish.

Also in 1987, the UF basketball team reached the NCAA Tournament for the FIRST time, led by Vernon Maxwell, part of the M&M backcourt, and Coach Norm Sloan. Again, right when the team was becoming good, we were rocked by NCAA sanctions (sensing a theme here?), revolving around drug use by Maxwell (who most Gators now hate) and rule violations. If you are a current Gator, thank god everyday you didn’t experience the Don DeVoe era. He actually got booed regularly at the O’Dome.

Of course the milestone moment during my years at UF was the hiring of the ‘Ol Ballcoach. I can’t describe it to people that weren’t there, but let’s say that suddenly the grass got greener, food tasted better, you get the idea. Gator fans have always been “confident”, even when we sucked, but this hiring gave us all great hope. In 1991, we won our FIRST official SEC title. I’ll never forget pouring out of the Purple Porpoise and on to University. It was a new feeling. Not to hate on younger Gators, but we haven’t always been entitled to greatness. I think we may have appreciated it just a little more. The Fun ‘N Gun was setting records all over the place for passing yards and points. Remember, this was right after we ran the ball every damn play. To me, this was the heyday for Gator football and led us to what we have become.

Also in 1991, Lon Kruger was hired to coach the basketball team. Not the same fanfare as Spurrier, but he would also lead the basketball team to become relevant. In 1992, we reached the Final Four of the NIT. We were so excited that thousands met the team at the airport (yes the NIT, this is how far we have come). Of course, Lon would later lead us to our first ever NCAA Final Four.

Many things have changed since I attended UF. We couldn’t follow our coaches, players or fellow fans on Twitter (or troll our opponents). Skeeter’s was the late night hang out. The Purple Porpoise was the rocking bar. The Pikes were the “cool” frat.  However, many things have remained the same. The Century Tower brick story. Our hatred of SoW, UGA and UT. Saying “Go Gators” to strangers. The hottest coeds in the country. To me, that is what Gator Nation is all about. Some call us entitled or obnoxious. I say I agree. Go Gators!

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